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Truffle Salt - What is it and which ones to buy

  • Jan 14, 2021

Truffle salt is a relatively new concoction made by mixing traditional salts with pieces of white or black truffle. While tightly sealed in a container, the truffle aroma permeates through the salt, giving truffle salt that discting earthy truffle flavor we all know and love. Real truffle salt therefore has real pieces of truffle, anything else is likely flavored using synthetic chemicals. Much like truffle oil, truffle salt is used in the kitchen as a finishing garnish. With just a few grains of this salt, you can enrich the flavor of anything you cook with. Compared to truffle oils, truffle salts tend to be more mild in flavor and aroma, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

What does truffle salt taste like?

Truffle salt is going to taste much like the truffles that they contain, except saltier. Truffle flavor is generally described as a strong earthy garlic, though there are different species of truffle which can give slightly different flavors. For example, white truffle salts tend to be more mild while black truffle salts have a more pungent flavor and aroma. Most truffle salts you see on the market are going to be made with black truffles. The type of salt used in each truffle will vary greatly. Some will be small grain, some coarse grain. Others might be traditional sea salt, while others might be exotic salts. Which salt tastes best is ultimately up to the person eating the dish, and there is no 'perfect' salt/truffle combination.

Our recommended truffle salts (that you can buy avaialble online)

If you are wondering where to get truffle salt, then look no further. Due to its great shelf life, many online vendors sell truffle salt and ship worldwide. As mentioned before, we would highly recommend buying truffle salt made with real truffle (avoid the chemicals). Be prepared to pay up for the quality salt however, as authentic truffle salt rivals truffle oil in price/oz. Our recommended list of truffles has been pre-screened to ensure that real truffles are used, are affordable, and have great reviews from consumers. For the truffle salts we recommend, all of them are made with black truffles. This is because black truffles tend to have a stronger flavor than white truffles, which is often necessary when attempting to carry the flavor in a salt (as opposed to an oil). If truffle salt is not your thing, come check out our 2021 truffle oil guide for great suggestions of oragnic, chemical-free truffle oils that can be easily purchased.

#3 - Casina Rossa - Truffle and Salt

Truffle_Salt_Sabatino 95% sea salt, 5% black summer truffles, the Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt (available for purchase here) is an excellent choice for beginners looking to get into experimenting with truffle salt in their dishes. While this product does contain some unnatural truffle flavoring, we still like it because it contains real summer black truffle pieces and packs good flavor.

#2 - Sabatino Tartufi - Truffle and Salt

Truffle_Salt_Ritrovo Sabatino Tartufi, the trufflery famous for finding the world's largest truffle also makes our second favorite truffle salt. Their truffle salt product is made with Sicilian sea salt and black summer truffles. This choice will be easy on your pocket, as it is currently the cheapest option while also being great (but mild) in flavor.

#1 - Ubani - Black Truffle Salt

Truffle_Salt_Urbani Our favorite black truffle salt comes from Urbani. The salt they use is 'gray Guerande salt (from Guerande region of France) which makes this product very unique among competitors. The black truffles used are sourced from Italy, and is completely organic. Of the truffle salts we tried, this one had one of the strongest flavors which was amplified by the Guerande salt. Highly recommend giving this salt a try. You can purchase Urbani truffle salt on amazon or on their own website.

Cooking with truffle salt

When cooking, truffle salt can be used as a substitute for almost any recipe that calls for sea salt. Some simple recipes worth trying include roasted baby potatoes, scrambled eggs, and macaroni and cheese. Other food goodies you can sprinke truffle salt onto include popcorn, avocados, tomatoes, meats (pork, chicken, steak, fish), and of course - fries. There are many recipe blogs out there that call for using truffle salt as one of the main ingredients. Do a little recipe research if you are looking for inspiration!

Why is truffle salt so expensive?

Compared to regular salt, you might think that truffle salt is expensive. Well, truffle salt is expensive because truffles are expensive! We have compiled a truffle price tracker and have found that Italian white truffles are selling for, on average, $2373.76 per lb while winter black truffles sell for $1360.16 per lb. But do not worry, you wont be using truffle salt like you use regular salt. Generally speaking, truffle flavored ingredients are a culinary luxury. While expensive, they are used sparingly in dishes. You would be surprised how long a small tin of truffle salt can last, and how many dishes it can enhance.


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