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Truffle butter - everything you need to know

  • April 8th, 2021

Introduction to truffle butter

Truffle butter is a very popular gourmet topping made by infusing your standard butter with bits of truffle. Truffle butters possess exceptional flavors and rich fragrances. They can be used in many culinary dishes add a wide degree of depth to your cooking. You can be sure that any food you cook with truffle butter will absolutely contain the extravagant flavors of truffles you know and love.

What is truffle butter?

Truffle butter is a dairy-based butter made by churning milk or cream. In the later stages of the butter making process, the butter is infused with either fragrances, flavors, or bits of truffles. You can buy truffles made from cow's milk, goat's milk, or sheep milk's online. The base of these different truffle butters will differ and will have different fat content. Most importantly however, are the truffles used to make the truffle butter. At the high end, you can expect pieces authentic white Italian truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) or black Italian winter truffles embedded in the butter. Lower end butters will have truffle fragrances (made from real truffles), or synthetic truffle flavoring (should be avoided).

Best truffle butter to buy

We tried all truffle butters available on online and would like to give you our recommendation. When tasting truffle butters we looked for butters that were made with real truffle (not synthetic chemicals), had good texture and flavor, and balanced the fat content of the butter with the earthy flavor of butter.

White truffle butter - by Terroirs d'Antan

Truffle_Butter_Terroirs Terroirs d'Antan white truffle butter is best in class - and by a long shot.Made with a smooth french butter, Italian white winter truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) and just enough sea salt to make this butter amazing with everything. This truffle butter is made fresh and shipped to your home by overnight shipping. The butter is available in two sizes: 1 lb or 3 oz. Due to the high fat content, this truffle butter will freeze well and last you for well over a year without losing any flavor or fragrance.

If you prefer the taste of white truffles (smoother, more delicate) over black truffles - then this is the best you can get online. If you are a black truffle fan like us here, then Terroirs d'Antan black truffle butter is also a must try.

Black truffle butter - by Terroirs d'Antan

Truffle_Butter_Terroirs The only other truly great truffle butter out there is Terroirs d'Antan black truffle butter. This butter absorbs the strong garlic fragrances of italian black winter truffles, making it very flavorful. What we liked about this butter is the versatility while cooking. Adding a bit of black truffle butter to your pan is a great way to add flavor and essence of truffle to your cooking.

This butter truly excels in both cost and size. The ability to buy this much truffle butter (>1 lb) means you can use it for just about everything and for as long as you want. Like the white truffle butter, be sure you freeze this butter after opening it to preserve the flavor. We found that it still had very strong fragrence if frozen and kept in tupper ware in the freezer. The butter was cold, but still soft enough that we could take a bit out to thaw for cooking or toppings. You can buy this truffle butter online here.

All other truffle butters online

Truffle_Butter_other We tried just about every single truffle butter on this page. The only other truffle butters that came in close second are those produced by some of the more famous truffleries. Truffle USA, Urbani,and Appennino all sell truffle butters made with real truffles, excellent quality of butter that go well with everything. Our two criticisms for these truffle butters are that they are more expensive (per oz) than Terroirs d'Antan, which mentally limits how much you are willing to spread on items, and that the texture of these butters is closer to a spread rather than a real butter. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a butter spreadable butter that goes well on fancy hors d'oeuvre, be sure to try out Truffle USA, Urbani,and Appennino

Cooking with truffle butter

Truffle butter can be used in any recipe that requires fat or oil, though be cautious about how much you use since its flavor can be pungent. We think truffle butter goes great with many meats. For example, you can add a piece of cold truffle butter to frozen burgers to infuse them with truffle taste. Likewise, when searing a steak you can add a bit of truffle butter to your pan to get that truffle flavor in the crust. Truffle butter can also be rubbed on turkey or chicken before cooking, giving you a nice truffley skin after baking in the oven. If you are vegetarian, or dont like meat, you can try truffle butter on many vegetables. Try adding truffle butter to potatoes when oven baking, or to the mash when making mashed potatoes. You can also add a bit of truffle butter to pasta after boiling, which will infuse after melting. If you want to learn how to 'Cook truffle butter' (i.e. make your own), keep reading below.

Making your own truffle butter

If you do not feel comfortable buying truffle butter then do not worry, its actually very easy to make your own at home. In principle, you will be taking any store bought *unsalted* butter and mixing it with finely ground, fresh truffle. The resulting butter mixture is then flavored with additional salt, pepper, and if necessary - garlic powder. The recipe recipe can be modified with your butter of choice, but we recommend using black truffles since they have the strongest flavor that will carry through the butter.


  1. 1 oz black truffles (30 g)

  2. fresh or preserved (+ juice)

  3. 3,5 oz unsalted butter (100 g), diced

  4. garlic powder

  5. ground black pepper

  6. sea salt

What to do:

  1. 1. Take butter out of the refridgerator and let soften at room temperature for approximately 1-2 hours

    2. While waiting, chop fresh truffles (your favorite kind) into fine pieces. The smaller the piece, the better.

    3. In a bowl, mix together chopped truffles with butter. Stir until well mixed.

    4. Season with salt, pepper. If the truffle flavor feels too weak, add a bit of garlic powder to bring help give it a kick.

    5. Transfer truffle butter to a air tight jar or sealable container. Flavor and fragrance will perserve best in a good storage container.

Truffle butter FAQs

Q: Is there vegan truffle butter?

There are absolutely vegan truffle butters out there, but unfortunately we do not have any great recommendations. We would instead suggest using truffle oil in cooking. Our guide on best white truffle oils has some amazing suggestions.

Q: Does truffle butter go bad?

If kept in the fridge, truffle butter will not go bad but it will lose fragrance, aroma, and flavor over time. If you are buying truffle butter for the first time, we recommend freezing a portion of it in the freezer. If kept in an air-tight container, truffle butter will easily last over a year.

Q: Does truffle butter need to be refrigerated?

Truffle butter should be refridgerated. At higher temperatures, many of the aromatic compounds in the truffle butter will volatilaze and be released into the air. While it might smell great to keep your truffle butter at room temperature, it will be losing flavor and fragrance over time. Keep it in the fridge!

Q: Where can I buy truffle butter?

In addition the the recommendations we have made above, the easiest place to find truffle butter will be online. Amazon is a great place to start looking, though individual truffleries will also have their own stock of truffle butters that are worth checking out.

Q: Why is truffle butter so expensive?

We get this question about every product. Truffle everything is expensive because truffles are rare and expensive. Truffles are truly a gourmet, luxury, culinary ingredient. Check out our truffle price guide just so you can see how expensive truffles are going for today.

Q: Can I freeze truffle butter?

You can, and maybe even should if you dont plan on using it very often. We recommend freezing it in an air tight container so that it you avoid freezer burn or losing the fragrance/flavor.


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